Liste des produits de la marque : Billings

Les bateaux Billing, créée en 1958 par M. Ejnar Billing, ont une très longue tradition dans la fabrication de maquette. L'entreprise a connu une transformation importante d'une petite entreprise danoise à une grande  entreprise produisant des navires en bois en kits de grande qualité dans le monde entier. 

Billing Boats focus is to use the latest technology combined with Danish craftsmanship. Nowadays, the brand of Billing Boats is known to everyone in this industry and has established a reputation of the finest manufacturer of model boats. Our wide product range of Billing Boats consists of historical ships such as the HMS Victory, USS Constitution or Wasa, model ships like Blue Nose or Dragon represent the category of elegant sailing yachts. Billing boat kits offered by Premier Ship Models include also less orthodox, interesting models like St. Canute or Andrea Gail barges and super-boats like the Sio-Mo-Shun 1V model boat kit. These wooden model kits are of simple construction but definitely will challenge you during the process of construction.

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