Liste des produits de la marque : Artesania

Artesania Latina est considéré comme le plus grand et le plus respecté des constructeurs de maquettes en kit dans le monde. Basé en Espagne, Artesania Latina est le premier fabricant européen de conception de kits en bois, représentant la modélisation de navire en bois fin.

One of the most well known ship model kits are Independence, HMS Bounty and HMS Victory, characterized by plank-on-bulkhead construction, cloth sails, rigging lines, brass fittings and many other details. Keel, frame or deck parts of the model ship kits are laser cut which makes them easy to build and the building process is simplified by clear instructions. Artesania kits are also known for using some exotic materials from which the kits are made and are completed with brass, metal, cast, walnut or boxwood fittings. Besides the most famous historic model ships, our wide range of Artesania ship model kits offers also models like San Juan Nepomucano, San Francisco, Santa Ana or Pen Duick yacht.

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