Liste des produits de la marque : Ghia Nien

Gia Nien est un producteur basé au Vietnam produisant des bateaux et des navires fabriqués mains, offrant une vaste sélection de différentes catégories comme les navires classiques, bateaux à moteur, des paquebots, des navires historiques ou de grands yachts.

The model ships by Gia Nhien are built from scratch by high quality craftsmen using the traditional technique of plank-on-frame construction. All the ship models include wooden base with brass name and are ready to display. All the materials used in construction have been carefully selected and prepared, from the seasoned hard-woods to the polished metal fittings and hand-stitched leather upholstery. Some of the quality Gia Nhien ship models in our product range include Cutty Sark, HMS Victory, HMS Endeavour or the Black Pearl pirate ship from the Pirate of the Caribbean movie.

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